Silver Portfolio

Silver is a metal that has become so well received to the global community. It provides smiles on people’s faces through the mechanism
of jewellery, all whilst being incredibly durable in its DNA. This goes to the heart of Falcon Global Capitals silver portfolio.

This product again is similar to the Gold and Platinum portfolios, this time with the mortgage option capped at only 30%. This enables solid returns to be made but adding an extra layer of security whilst doing so.

The managed accounts that we trade from have more of a blend compared to Platinum and Gold. The accounts traded include FX and commodities only due to crypto being perceived as higher risk.

This product is based on a 60-month term with annual payments.

Risk Level: Medium

Investment Limits:

  • Asset-Backed | 70%
  • Medium Return | 30%

Time Frame: 60 months

Return: 12% Net – Paid Annually

Portfolio Breakdown:

  • Asset-backed: Property Mortgage Options
  • Medium Return: FX Trading, Commodities Trading