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Since 2016, Falcon Global Capital remains the most reputable corporate service provider in Dubai, as well as within the MENA region. Our comprehensive list of corporate services has helped countless organisations enhance their performance and increased the overall efficiency of their business.


Corporate services include a wide range of support processes and administrative functions like human resources, accounting, and legal services. They are essential regardless of the size of the business and industry it operates in. Oftentimes, corporate services are established in-house, or businesses may opt to hire the services of third-party providers that specialise in said processes.

There are many reasons why firms need to avail of corporate services:

  • Outsource governance, risk, and compliance functions
  • Fill a resource or expertise gap
  • Reduce costs
  • Optimise business operations and performance


Headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Falcon Global Capital uses its senior contacts within the MENA region to provide top-notch corporate services, with focus on three areas:

  1. FORMATION – Creation of overseas subsidiaries and their processes
  2. ACCOUNTING – Includes setting up of bank accounts, maintaining accurate books, recording inventory and sales, and preparing of payroll and tax returns, among many others
  3. HUMAN RESOURCES – Hiring of key people, compensation analysis, managing consultants and independent contractors, and continuing education.


Whether it’s for small or large businesses, hiring Falcon Global Capital for its corporate services enables the entrepreneurs and their organisation to channel their precious time and efforts into their core products, offerings and services. Leaving the secretarial duties to us means Dubai-based clients have more bandwidth to focus on profit-maximising activities. In many cases, the availment of corporate services further encouraged and enabled the growth of innumerable companies worldwide.


At Falcon Global Capital, you can outsource administrative functions to a diverse set of professionals who are at the top of their games. We provide personalised approaches to tasks that will support the business and enhance the competitive edge of the company.

When you’re working with skilled and knowledgeable professionals, you’re more poised and confident to do activities that further impact business growth. Now more than ever, regulation and compliance have become complex and harder to navigate. No matter what the industry and the compliance landscape is, our corporate services professionals can keep tabs of continually changing laws and regulations to make informed business decisions. Focus on your core business, while we keep challenging governance requirements at bay!

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