Asset Trading is the practice of owning and trading debt instruments and marketable equity securities with the goal of earning profits at the acquisition date or reselling them from short-term price movements. Assets are often marked at fair value when bought or sold. If there are any unrealised returns or losses, they are periodically recorded on financial reporting dates. However, when banks hold trading assets for other banks, they are valued at mark-to-market.

Also known as held-for-trading securities, trading assets include the following

  • Bonds and other fixed-income securities
  • Equity shares
  • Foreign exchange rate contracts
  • Firm-acquired positions

Companies hold trading assets for various reasons. Most of the time, trading assets are owned by financial firms whose business involves investing or trading in securities markets. Others hold assets for the purpose of hedging positions related to their core business.

There are three ways to classify securities:

  • Available for sale securities – intended to be sold before it reaches maturity, typically for a period longer than one year
  • Held to maturity securities – intended to be sold once it reaches maturity or when it expires, and lastly:
  • Trading Assets – securities that are traded for profit and held for less than a year.


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