Growing your wealth is our business.

At Falcon Global Capital, we bring confidence to an industry riddled with risks and uncertainty. From overseeing infrastructure, evaluating business operation models to managing risks and informing inventory and contract decisions, we help you be equipped with essential asset management capabilities.


Asset management is the practice and process of gradually increasing one’s wealth through acquiring, monitoring, and trading investments that have immense potential for growth in the future. Asset management as a service is done by professionals called portfolio managers or financial advisors. It can cater to wealthy private individuals, companies, government, and banks and other financial institutions.


In 2016, seasoned British and financial investment experts established Falcon Global Capital, a fully-regulated investment company and accelerator. During that time, it was headquartered in the United Kingdom. Since then, FGC moved to the United Arab Emirates, and set up its operations in Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC). We focus on alpha-generating strategies backed by technology and a global view on investment trends, opportunities, and markets.

We take pride in claiming that Falcon Global Capital has served hundreds of affluent clients, investment managers, and institutional investors in both the United Kingdom and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region— to their satisfaction!

Through the years, we have successfully advised our clientele to:

  • Control their assets
  • Re-engineer operating models
  • Discover new investment vehicles
  • Increase returns
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve leverage through technology
  • Identify exposures and mitigate risks
  • Accelerate their journey to growth


We keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends and approaches in asset management through the use of artificial intelligence, data science, cloud computing, and robust IT security systems. Our seasoned asset managers are trusted by investors and highly experienced in managing the pressures of the marketplace and seizing opportunities to maximise your wealth and build your portfolio.


At Falcon Global Capital, we believe that no two clients are alike. But it is our deep and extensive wealth management experience that enables us to provide top-notch solutions to manage a vast range of 3rd party assets regardless of needs, regulatory requirements, and industry-specific challenges and risks.

Apart from asset management, Falcon Global Capital also offers the full range of wealth management and financial services like Financial Planning & Advisory, Corporate Services, Private Equity Wealth Management, Assets Trading, and Fund Strategy Services.

Wealth management is best left to the pros! Contact Falcon Global Capital to know more about how we can grow your wealth through top-rated and science-backed asset management strategies!

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