Ruthenium Portfolio

Ruthenium is a reliable alloy commonly found in platinum ore, but has its own characteristics and look. 

The Ruthenium portfolio puts a real emphasis on risk management whilst enabling clients to maximise their returns. The significant
difference in this product is that the mortgage options are lowered to only 10%. 

The finance raised is traded on equities only, thereby utilising medium risk asset classes to ascertain a sustainable return.

This product is based on a 60-month term with annual payments. There is also a 36-month break clause within this original term.

Risk Level: Medium

Investment Limits:

  • Asset-Backed | 90%
  • Medium Return | 10%

Time Frame: 60 months

Return: 8% Net – Paid Annually

Portfolio Breakdown:

  • Asset-backed: Property Mortgage Options
  • Medium Return: Equities