Rhodium Portfolio

Rhodium is a well-used precious metal with a compound composition used in automobile engines and the like. It is important and relied upon to keep people moving. 

This is what we provide with the Rhodium portfolio. Whilst utilising the options provided to us through the connections and footprint within the United Kingdom property sector, we cap the mortgage option at only 5%.

The finance raised is used on long only stocks which are either UK or US based. These are less volatile and more predictable than others.

This product is based on a 60-month term with annual payments. There is also a 36-month break clause within this original term.

Risk Level: Medium – Low

Investment Limits:

  • Asset-Backed | 95%
  • Medium – Low Return | 5%

Time Frame: 60 months

Return: 6% Net – Paid Annually

Portfolio Breakdown:

  • Asset-backed: Property Mortgage Options
  • Medium – Low Return: Long-Only Stocks