Platinum Portfolio

Seen by many as the most precious metal, even more so than gold, what better name could we provide for our highest performing product. Platinum is considered incredibly rare, and its occurrence is only possible in a select few destinations throughout the world. 

Falcon Global Capital is one of those destinations. Here in the heart of Dubai’s financial district, we allocate funds to construction projects and property across the United Kingdom, mainly concentrating on property boom hotspots such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham.

To balance the risk for our clients, we purchase property, rely on the rental yield of the property, and through mortgage options refinance a maximum of 50% of the current value. This is then traded on managed finance accounts that have risk parameters set from the outset. These are inherently higher risks due to the asset class.

This product is based on a minimum 24-month term. However, due to the nature of the product, the longer a client stays engaged with us the more the risk is reduced.

Risk Level: High

Investment Limits:

  • Asset-Backed | 50%
  • High Return | 50%

Time Frame: 24 months

Return: 20% Net – Paid Quarterly

Portfolio Breakdown:

  • Asset-backed: Property Mortgage Options
  • High Return: Decentralized Finance