Gold Portfolio

Gold is the most commonly known precious metal, but by no way the least valuable. Gold has a limited supply, and the gold portfolio that Falcon Global Capital provides is rare in its durability and bi-annual returns.

The gold portfolio is based very much on what we do in our Platinum product, with a very subtle difference. We use the same mechanisms in purchasing property and earning a rental yield, but the finance raised through our mortgage options is capped at 40%. This reduces the exposure to risk just enough to still provide a healthy return, but with less asset-backed capital exposed.

The managed accounts that we trade from have more of a blend compared to platinum. The accounts traded include FX and commodities.

This product is based on a 36-month term with a bi-annual return paid to clients.

Risk Level: High – Medium

Investment Limits:

  • Asset-Backed | 60%
  • High – Medium Return | 40%

Time Frame: 36 months

Return: 15% Net – Bi – Annual Pay

Portfolio Breakdown:

  • Asset-backed: Property Mortgage Options
  • High – Medium Return: FX and Decentralized Finance