Falcon Global Capital Partners with The Unstoppable Foundation to Provide Underprivileged Children Primary Education

This asset and wealth management company takes its CSR efforts up a notch by inspiring its clients to support African villages to become self-sustaining.

Education remains a privilege for many children worldwide. In fact, 57 million children do not have access to basic education and 47% of them are living in Africa. Together with The Unstoppable Foundation, Falcon Global Capital wants to change this together, one community at a time.

Falcon Global Capital is an asset and wealth management company that is now working with the Unstoppable Foundation to bring sustainable education to underprivileged communities in developing countries. “We are so grateful that Falcon Global Capital has chosen the

Unstoppable Foundation as their charity partner for 2022/23. Every single contribution truly makes a difference and is another step towards providing sustainable education and a thriving future for children and their families in Kenya,” said Cynthia Kersey, Founder of the Unstoppable Foundation.

Today, many African residents are still living in poverty and would need an intervention to uplift themselves. Through the ‘Sponsor A Village’ program, their communities can be transformed to become self-sustaining once they acquire the necessary resources. “We look forward to working

hand-in-hand with Falcon to raise awareness about this important cause and to empower entire communities for generations to come,” Kersey added. The said program holistically tackles the primary causes of poverty through five key pillars which are education, access to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and income training and empowerment.

Aligned with this mission, Falcon Global Capital is inspired to also help ensure that every child has access to the lifelong gift of education. “We want to give our potential clients the opportunity to give back to a high-impact cause,” said its Head of Marketing, Nicole Kass. As they make a donation on behalf of each of their clients, they also get to shift the usual practice of providing branded giveaways but instead allot the item costs to the cause of the foundation.

Moreover, the aforesaid five pillars have been proven effective in empowering the communities to become self-sustained within five to seven years after the project implementation. The $25,000 raised will go towards supporting an entire community, starting with the construction of a school and the provision of the necessary tools to implement the pillars. This program is designed strategically so that it will only take $1 a day to provide life-saving services and education to a child.

To know more about this initiative, visit the fundraiser page now and donate. Together, concerned global citizens can build just an equitable world for all.

About Falcon Global Capital

Headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Falcon Global Capital is established by seasoned British financial and investment experts in 2016 in the United Kingdom. It is a fully regulated investment company and accelerator focused on alpha-generating strategies with an inherent technological edge and a global view of investment trends, opportunities, and markets.

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