Falcon Global Capital Partners with the Private Office of Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmad Al Maktoum

A commercial partnership that will help develop the company and infrastructure within the UAE

Headquartered in the Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC), Falcon Global Capital, a fully regulated investment firm and accelerator, has successfully earned the prestigious accolade of being the first financial company given patronage by the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmad Al Maktoum. This commercial partnership is seen to help develop the company and infrastructure within the UAE.

“It is a pleasure and a great honor to announce that Falcon Global Capital has partnered with the Private Office Of Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmed Al Maktoum,” said its CEO Somia Khawaja. “This partnership is a stepping stone towards achieving our vision and mission in the GCC that is in line with the vision of the leaders of the region. As His Highness Sheikh Muhammed says “Alone we are one drop of water, but together we are an ocean.” The mindset in the UAE is a product of the great leadership, where the UAE is truly one of  the best places to live in and grow your business.”

On behalf of the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmad Al Maktoum, its Managing Director Mustafa Khawaja also shared his excitement about the newly formed partnership. “We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Falcon Global Capital, a fully regulated investment firm located in DIFC. We are working closely together to accelerate both international and domestic growth among the UAE’s investment industry. Our partnership will focus on business development and guiding principles of integrity, transparency and efficiency in order to maintain confidence in the financial services industry in the UAE.”

Established in 2016 in the United Kingdom by seasoned British financial and investment experts, Falcon Global Capital is known for their solid British values, entrepreneurial attitude, and investment expertise that allows them to provide a fully integrated investment solution for their clients. Their investment approach helps clients maintain and grow their wealth, fulfill their business potential, and guarantee the success of future generations.

At present, Falcon Global Capital offers a wide range of financial services such as Asset Trading, Asset Management, Investment Portfolios, Fund Strategies, Wealth Management, Financial Advisory Services, Corporate services, and Private Equity, among others. To provide optimum results, their team of investment experts ensures portfolios are customized and built on long-term, constructive, and trusting relationships depending on their clients’ profiles, risk appetites, and investment plans.

About Falcon Global Capital

Falcon Global Capital is a fully regulated global investment company and accelerator that focuses on alpha-generating strategies with an inherent technological edge and global view on investment trends, opportunities and markets. Their mission is to provide traditional British investment services for its clients.

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