About Us

About Us

Falcon Global Capital

We are a fully regulated global investment company and accelerator with a proven track record. We focus on alpha-generating strategies with an inherent technological edge and global view on investment trends, opportunities and markets. 

Our mission is to provide a traditional British investment service for our clients. Call us old-fashioned, but we pride ourselves on our British heritage, solid tradition, experience, expertise and strong business values. Trust, accountability and collaboration are the foundation of our team.

Established in 2016 in the United Kingdom by seasoned British financial and investment experts and now headquartered in Dubai International Finance Centre. 

We have a distinctive, transparent top-down, bottom-up investment process, as well as a grounded, well-measured approach to business. We’re quick on our feet, especially regarding technology and investment trends. We embrace the Emirati attitude of transformation, collaboration, creativity and agility. 

Our leading finance knowledge allows us to provide a fully integrated investment solution for our clients, which help them maintain and grow wealth, fulfil their business potential and guarantee the success of future generations. 

We do not believe in leaving room to chance. Every solution is grounded in expertise, global insights and proven results.

Leadership Team

Ron Jehu


A seasoned finance and property expert. Ron has circa 30 years of qualified financial experience, obtaining his FPC back in 1996. Since then, he has used his wealth of knowledge to advise and cater to his clients’ needs in the investment world. Ron has a particular passion for property in the north of England, where he and fellow director Craig Lamb have an extensive portfolio.

Craig Lamb


An equally experienced finance expert, Craig has a depth of knowledge in operations and portfolio management for clients. His long term partnership with business partner Ron has allowed them both to cater to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Craig is particularly good at strategic planning and managing business performance, he does not hesitate to roll his sleeves up and get involved and strive for success.

Mark Goodwin (FCA)


Mark has 40 years senior experience in corporate 
and institutional financial services working for major 
international banks. During this time he held senior positions managing trading operations and is a trained technical analyst amongst other things. He is an authorised and regulated individual under the Financial Conduct Authority as is his, separate, financial advisory company.

Member of CII/PFS, FCA regulated and Authorised 
Independent Financial Adviser & Certified member 
of EPFA European Financial Planning Association.

Solid tradition, experience and expertise as well as strong entrepreneurial
and business values

Solid tradition, experience and expertise as well as strong entrepreneurial
and business values

Chairman's Vision

I am grateful to take this opportunity to relay to our investors my vision for the growth of Falcon Global Capital Limited over the coming years.

As the names chosen for our products would suggest, precious metals take years to create but then can be put together to form something new. This reflects the creation of Falcon Global Capital Limited in that it brings together many years of experience in a wide variety of sectors under one single umbrella to create new opportunities for the future.

My vision for Falcon Global Capital Limited is to forge a path that differs from most funds in the marketplace, in that we want our clients to feel that they are part of an exclusive fund that never loses sight of each individual investors aspirations.  This will be achieved by only working with a small number of high net worth like-minded individuals.  Being an investor in Falcon Global Capital Limited is to be part of an exclusive VIP club.

Myself and the other board members have set our target over the coming years to continue growing the fund in the following sectors.

Falcon Global Capital will continue to obtain undervalued property stock, something that the team has specialised in for decades.  We refurbish these properties to increase their value but also to obtain high yield rents.  A look at our 2021 Property Case Highlights will show you that this is a well-proven part of our business that continues to deliver. 

Acquiring established companies that work well within the Falcon Global Capital chosen sectors has always been part of our strategy.  This could be anything from property management to renovation companies.  We do this not only for the general appreciation and profit returns created but also the cost involved in running these companies circulates within the organisation, an example of which would be that a wholly-owned property maintenance company looks after the Falcon Global Capital property portfolio.

Next, we will look to continue expanding our current FX trading portfolios and increasing trades into precious metals and minerals and other commodities.  This has been a hugely successful area for our team since 2009 and we see no reason why it can not continue.  Only ever utilising a small proportion of the companies cash assets, we manage the downside but still take full advantage of the upside.

Lastly, investing in the creation of green energy infrastructures is a big part of our and everyone’s future.  It can not be ignored, and we believe there are huge opportunities within this sector over the next 2 to 5 years.

With the experience we have within Falcon Global Capital Limited, we know that with our clients support all of our targets can be met.

Ron Jehu
Chairman, Falcon Global Capital