Falcon Global Capital to focus on bespoke investments

Ron Jehu, Chairman of Falcon Global Capital, on how the firm delivers value to clients.

What are the key factors that make Dubai and the UAE an attractive destination for high-net-worth people?

Over the past 20 years, Dubai has grown and continued to be a desirable holiday destination for tourists and a beloved home for many expats. Boasting the ultimate combination of exciting city life simultaneously with splendid beaches, year-round sunshine, convenient travel connections with accessibility to Asia and Europe, as well as its glamourous and opulent lifestyle, has made it the popular choice for both the motivated career-driven individuals and the already wealthy to reside and thrive. Not only does this tax-free haven offer unmatched shopping, entertainment, night life and an infinite amount of business opportunities, Dubai is also at the helm when it comes to architectural and technological advances. This naturally attracts the wealthy, knowing that positioning their businesses and assets in this dazzling UAE city will offer them the tax savings and protection available in very few other cities around the world. On top of this, Dubai has always been one of the safest cities in the world to live in, credited to the respectful culture of the city and the excellence of the local authorities.

How can investors create a balanced portfolio in these uncertain times with rising interest rates and find growth?

When something is going down, something is always going up. One person’s loss is always another person’s gain, therefore uncertainty in the world does not have to lead to doom and gloom for investors. Firstly, interest rates rising. Yes, borrowing will cost you more, but cash in the bank is earning you more, granted not much, but it is still an increase. Investors now also have to look more to diversification. Investing solely in multi-billion-dollar-hedge funds that offer investors single-digit returns is not so attractive now when the cost of living is rising across the world. So, keen and savvy investors need to look at more diversified and agile companies such as Falcon Global Capital to manage their wealth and financial aspirations. Our experienced and diversified approach will ensure balance, safety, and growth.

What next generation investment trends are seeing traction from clients?

Money comes and money goes, money can be lost, and money can be made. Time, once gone, is gone. If you have no time, you can’t make memories, and making memories are what keep people’s spirits alive. In this modern post-pandemic world, it is not only about making money, that’s the destination. It is the journey, the memories you make along the way. An example of this is Falcon Global Capital’s collaboration with MIY Yacht, one of the world’s leading yacht co-ownership brands. Together, they offer a product, which not only makes money, it makes memories. The once unobtainable becomes obtainable. Who would have thought sitting on a luxury yacht with friends and family could make you an above average annual return and hold you to none of the costs and depreciation associated with such a luxury lifestyle. This is what clients want today — a new approach to investing. That is what Falcon Global Capital does.

What kind of approach has Falcon Global Capital adopted for investors from the region?

In a booming city like Dubai, it is no surprise regional investors have heavily invested into property, and rightly so. About 20 years ago, Dubai was the place to invest. Coming out the pandemic, business activity in Dubai’s non-oil private sector economy climbed to a 38-month high in August as demand growth strengthened, according to S&P Global purchasing managers’ index. Nevertheless, like all investments anywhere in the world, nothing is guaranteed, and nothing lasts forever. As a Dubai-based regulated wealth management firm, Falcon Global Capital is on mission to help experienced local investors look to alternative opportunities. All of it will be asset backed, safe as property, but with an alternative approach. On top of this, Falcon Global Capital is investing into the future, not just material items or technology, but into people. For 2023, a new financial trading course will be run from our DIFC headquarters for local and expat students where the basic principles or money management and growth can be explained. This free course is a thank you to the local people of Dubai for creating this wonderful city that we now all live and work in together.

Coming out of the pandemic, technology is critical today. Tell us a bit about your investment technology platform.

Let’s face it, any investment firm worth investing in 2022 will have a dedicated user and client platform, which can be either a minefield, an unused application, or a dependable source of information. Like Falcon Global Capital’s approach to business, we like ours to be clear, simple and accurate. Everything that a client needs, will be provided, anything more can be discussed with a real person. This is important for us at Falcon Global Capital, we never want technology to stand in the way of a conversation that could lead in to so many more positive directions.

Which alternative investments have gained traction in recent times?

Clearly, like many we can say crypto, digital assets, or artificial intelligence, but with some the traction is running thin, and with others, the bus has already been missed. What we at Falcon Global Capital have found is that many investors are looking to investments that they both understand and can enjoy. Traditional art is a great example of this. For example, our partnership with British artist Eleonora who resides in the UAE, and who is debuting at World Art Dubai in 2023. In recent years, her work like many emerging artists has seen an above average growth in appreciation, in some cases 2-300 per cent, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Investors like to know the inventor, the artist, the trader, and for this reason, we at Falcon Global Capital like to make our partners known and approachable. After all, no one can explain what they do better than them.

Falcon Global Capital is involved a lot in classic, super and rare cars. So, what makes a car a classic? More importantly, what makes them valuable?

The actual definition of a classic is a car that is at least 20 years old. Anything over 40 years old is classed as an antique car, however, in the real world, a 1960s Porsche will be referred to as a classic even though it is now 62 years old. As for what makes them valuable, two things: rarity, and desirability. Take for example the iconic Jaguar E type. Back in the 1960s, they were both expensive and desirable and due to this there are quite a few remaining to this day, 16,000 worldwide to be exact. For that reason, desirability today is still high, but prices are not too high as they are not that rare. A good spec, good condition, MK1 today will cost around $150,000. Compare that to the price back in 1960 of nearly $4,500 ($41,000 in today’s money) and that poses good value at 3-4 times list price.

Another example is the equally beautiful Aston Martin DB5, which James Bond made famous. Same era, similar style of car, $11,000 when new ($120,000 in today’s money), but the rarity, only 340 left, means that these fetch far in excess of $1,000,000 today, 10 times the list price.

Like fine art, antiques, these old, classic, retro, or vintage cars will never be again produced. As well as rarity, cars have an emotional connection to people. Whether it is a once first car, a model from the childhood bedroom shelf, or the memory of going on a family holiday in one as a child, every car lover will have an emotional connection which attracts them to a certain model, regardless of the value.

About Falcon Global Capital

Falcon Global Capital is a DFSA regulated global investment company and accelerator that focuses on alpha-generating strategies with an inherent technological edge and global view on investment trends, opportunities and markets. Their mission is to provide traditional British investment services for its clients. Their investment approach helps clients maintain and grow their wealth, fulfill their business potential, and guarantee the success of future generations.

At present, Falcon Global Capital offers a wide range of financial services such as asset trading, asset management,investment portfolios, fund strategies, wealth management, financial advisory services, corporate services, and private equity, among others. To provide optimum results, their team of investment experts ensures portfolios are customised and built on long-term, constructive, and trusting relationships depending on their clients’ profiles, risk appetites, and investment plans.

Headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Falcon Global Capital has successfully earned the prestigious accolade of being the first financial company given patronage by the Private Office of Sheikh Hamdan bin Ahmad Al Maktoum. This commercial partnership is seen to help develop the company and infrastructure within the UAE.

Falcon Global Capital is headquartered within the prestigious index Tower. The offices reflect the culture and ethos of the organisation — and provide teams with an inspiring and comfortable working environment.

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